Foundations of Geopolitics

This an online English version of Foundations of Geopolitics (Основы геополитики / Osnovy Geopolitiki), by author Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin.

I simply took the Russian full text, available at (also at, fed it through Google Translate (, and copy-pasted it into Gitbook (with some basic reformatting and splitting into sections).

There are other partial translations on the net available at,,,, and, but I haven't merged those in (both for consistency reasons and to avoid plagiarism). There is also a professionally translated, paid Kindle version at

I am not a professional translator, I don't even speak Russian, this is not an official translation, and I am not the author of this book. Google Translate obviously will give only a very approximate result, but one should be able to make out and follow the general argument through context and ultimately checking the original source and professional translations.

If you do speak Russian and can come up with better translations of certain sections, feel free to submit changes to this Gitbook and I will merge them in.

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